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February 21, 2022 Update - skiing is not recommended.

No packing or grooming of the ski trails has been done at Shaganappi. A SNO volunteer on site today reported there is approximately 5" or 6" of snow on top of the ground that had thawed over the course of the Chinook cycles experienced for the past 1.5 months. Where there is grass and turf, the ground thawed significantly. There are asphalt and gravel cart paths under the snow throughout the trail system that is on the map. (green lines are ski trails)

The photo above is of Alasdair's Alley from junction 1 to 7 prior to this storm cycle.

Prior to this storm cycle, Shaganappi was clear of snow in most places, with snow and ice remaining predominantly only in areas experiencing shade.

Because there is no base of snow packed down, skiing is not recommended at Shaganappi, as permanent damage to the bases of skis is likely whenever one is skiing over rocks, roots, asphalt, shale cart paths, etc.

If temperatures warm up as forecasted at the end of this week we will look at possibly grooming Alasdair's Alley from Junction 1 to 7 for Ultimate Parasports' Adaptive Ski program which will possibly be at Shaganappi the morning and afternoon of Saturday the 26th.

Photo below is Condo Alley prior to this storm cycle. Skis will hit the gravel and be permanently damaged because there is no packed base of snow, nor is there enough snow to pack at the moment. (Condo Alley is between junctions 6 and 7 on the map)

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