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February 12, 2022 Update - grass, grass, and more grass

Spring is here at Shaganappi, even though it's February. Shaganappi as a whole is mostly clear of snow. There are patches of ice and snow in areas of snow collection or compacted snow that haven't had enough wind and sun exposure to sublimate the surface clear.

Access to Shaganappi is now blocked at the north end of 26th street as the road to the parking lot and clubhouse is being torn up for the clubhouse water/sewer line replacement project that is projected to take 3-4 weeks. There is alternative access during weekdays off Sovereign Crescent. The 8th Ave and Quarry Road Trail pedestrian gates are to remain open until the golf course shifts into spring opening grounds maintenance preparations.

Walking is a great activity at Shaganappi, but be extremely cautious where there is snow, as there likely is dangerous ice dominating the surface.

Bike riding is not recommended on any golf courses unless one can always ride in the rough, or is riding with fat bike tyres at low psi, as bike tyre imprints damage the fragile turf of golf courses with the spring thaw kicking in. If you sink, think. (meaning if your foot prints/tyre tracks sink into the ground, stop the activity and go elsewhere on site, or go to another location altogether)

Fingers crossed this winter is an anomaly and not a sign of winters to come due to climate change. Time will tell!

Pictures taken the afternoon of February 12, 2022, versus one year ago follow...

Condo Alley looking north February 12, 2022 (The ski trail between junctions 6&7 on the trail map)

One year ago....February 14, 2021 grooming at night

Looking east-ish from Junction 6 February 12, 2022

February 3, 2021 volunteer Pete T snowmobile track packing the driving range

Alasdair's Alley looking west toward Condo Alley from junction 1 February 12, 2022 (aka the 9th fairway of the 18 hole course looking west from the green)

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