Shaganappi Nordic Operations (SNO) is a non-profit society formed in the fall of 2019 to manage winter nordic cross-country skiing at the Shaganappi Point Golf Course. SNO is 100% volunteer-run and is committed to providing Calgarians with free access to cross-country skiing in the heart of Calgary.



Skiing at Shaganappi began sometime between 1900 to 1940.  


Earliest records show members of the Calgary Ski Club modifying farm equipment to redistribute snow at Shaganappi to areas they wanted more snow for skiing.

Herald1948 cutting.jpg

Circa 1970: Shaganappi was the only downhill ski area in Calgary,  with one T-Bar that transported skiers from the valley bottom by the Bow River up to the clubhouse, and a rope tow at Shaganappi for beginner skiers that stretched from the driving range up the hill toward the current clubhouse location.  Snowmaking was a large part of winter operations back then, with loud snowguns operating while skiers were on site.  Paskapoo (later renamed COP and now Winsport) was not in existence at this time. 

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Alasdair Fergusson a long time Calgary Ski Club volunteer, enjoying a winter day at Shaganappi Point.