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Shaganappi Nordic Operations Club (SNO) is a non-profit society formed in the fall of 2019 to manage winter Nordic cross-country skiing and showshoeing at the Shaganappi Point Golf Course in Calgary, Alberta. SNO is 100% volunteer-run and is committed to providing Calgarians with free access to cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and fat biking (2022/2023 addition!)  in the heart of Calgary.

Our mission is to create an optimal winter trail experience for the community to enjoy free access to winter outdoor recreation opportunities at the Shaganappi Point golf course in the heart of Calgary, resulting in a safe, accessible environment that is the basis for a healthy lifestyle.

Shaganappi Nordic Operations Nordic Ski Grooming



Brent has been a volunteer with SNO since 2020, working primarily behind the scenes on the SNO website. After joining the board as a Director, VP, and now President, his focus has been on developing SNO into a stronger organization.  Brent is looking to encourage Calgarians to get more into winter sports (specifically at Shag). As a lover of winter sports, he got into XC ten-ish years ago once he realised that it is possible to avoid crowds AND have fun on skinny skis.


Brad, a board member since 2021, shares VP duties with Linda and has been active with SNO since 2019. Brad is SNO's shared Fat Bike and Snowshoe trail system lead, and worked hard over the past three years finalizing the trail routing.  Brad has got a long past with skiing, having cross-country skied actively since 1974 and alpine (telemark style) skied since 1965. He also picked up fat biking in 2015 and produces a weekly online radio show at as DJ Grey (Grrr-eh). 

Linda was the founding President of SNO until stepping down in 2022 to focus on coordinating the outdoor operations side of SNO.  Sharing VP duties with Brad, Linda is also the grooming and track setting lead for the ski trail system, and has been the grooming lead since SNO's inception in 2019.    Linda was the main facilitator incorporating  SNO as a non-profit society in the fall of 2019 with the intentions of improving winter operations at Shag. She learned to downhill ski at Shaganappi in the mid-70’s when it was a downhill ski area and brings ski knowledge (and experience) from working at different ski areas and resorts both at home and abroad to the board.


Gry is both Treasurer for SNO at the board level, and  responsible for all efforts surrounding equipment maintenance and operation at Shag. He’s been a board member since 2021, supporting with equipment upkeep to ensure the trails are ready for use and has skied since 1985.  Gry has been a keen volunteer for SNO since 2019, taking on more and more responsibilities over time.


Contact SNO if you are interested in filling this volunteer position.


Laurel volunteered for SNO in the fall of 2022 in an invaluable administrative support role while recuperating from an injury, and has since been gradually taking on more responsibilities including the role of Secretary within the non profit society.   Laurel also is responsible for onboarding, coordinating, tracking, and orienting new volunteers to SNO operations on the ground; and has since also taken on the daunting task and role of grant writing until other people step up!


Skiing at Shaganappi began sometime between 1900 to 1940.  


Earliest records show members of the Calgary Ski Club modifying farm equipment to redistribute snow at Shaganappi to areas they wanted more snow for skiing.

Calgary Herald 1948 Shaganappi

Circa 1970: Shaganappi was the only downhill ski area in Calgary,  with one T-Bar that transported skiers from the valley bottom by the Bow River up to the clubhouse, and a rope tow at Shaganappi for beginner skiers that stretched from the driving range up the hill toward the current clubhouse location.  Snowmaking was a large part of winter operations back then, with loud snowguns operating while skiers were on site.  Paskapoo (later renamed COP and now Winsport) was not in existence at this time.

Cross Country Skiing in the 1970s

Alasdair Fergusson, a long time Calgary Ski Club volunteer, enjoying a winter day at Shaganappi Point.  

Shaganappi Tbar 1970s

The Shaganappi T-bar in the 1970s

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