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How Do You Want to Volunteer?

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Volunteer with a purpose! SNO needs help from volunteers while on the trails or at home. These are tasks that do not require you to trackset or groom but are very important to the operation of SNO!

SNO Hosts and Events

  • Greet people at the parking lot and give them directions and inform them about SNO

  • Volunteer at events such as Chinook Blast (assist vendors on-site, greet and give attendees directions, promote SNO and SNO memberships)

  • Provide updates to the communications team and groomers about trail conditions

Trail Crew - Lite Volunteer

  • Winter trail setup and tear-down

  • Inspect and repair trail markers, etc. throughout the season

  • Remove plant debris from the trails

  • Set up snow catchment fencing


  • Sourcing and applying for grants as part of the fundraising committee

Defender and Ginzu sunset and downtown.j
Grooming Volunteer

Help with grooming on foot, snowmobiles, or the Defender.


  • Shared fat bike/snowshoe trails: groomers/trail crew needed.  On foot drag grooming and shovelling,  experienced snowmobile operators, and snowshoe trail packing needed too!

  • Snowmobile operators: expect some heavy physical labour, especially operating the snowmobiles (novice snowmobile operators welcome); expect to be grooming/track setting ski/fat bike trails whenever conditions are suitable, including later in the evening and possibly some mornings from 7am on weekdays, 9am on weekends (depending on your availability of course!)

  • Volunteer grooming shifts tend to be 1-4+ hours in length.

  • Preferred machine grooming minimum commitment  is one shift per week.  Reasoning: time and effort invested in the training of machine grooming volunteers is significant.

  • Old winter clothing and old personal back pack  recommended for snowmobile grooming, as it will get contaminated with snowmobile exhaust. (Thrift stores such as Goodwill are great resources!)

  • Training will be provided

Snow Farming Volunteer

With Calgary's typically low snow pack, snow farming is essential! Help move snow onto trails with scoop shovels, or snowblow so that we can ensure that skiing conditions are good throughout the season.  We also set up temporary and permanent snow catchment fencing along wind exposed areas of trail when there is volunteer capacity.

Crew/Team Leads and Board of Directors Positions

SNO is currently recruiting for the following volunteer leadership roles:

  • Signage lead

  • Snow farming lead

  • Snow catchment/fencing lead

  • Communications board of director

  • Board members at large


OK, I Want to Volunteer. What's Next?

1. Let Us Know How You'd Like to Volunteer
Volunteer Type

Thanks for submitting!

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2.  Complete the Informed Consent

Download and complete the Informed Consent form, then email it to us.

3. Next steps:
  • Once the Informed Consent is received, we will email you  the link to the Volunteer Portal.  

  • We will also coordinate a site orientation with one of our experienced volunteers.

  • If you intend to volunteer immediately (e.g. snow shovelling) please email us to let us know, as we need to make sure we follow our health and safety protocol, as a part of our legal OH&S obligations.

Volunteer Hrs
Submit Your Volunteer Hours

Used for Workers' Compensation Board (WCB) tracking.  The aggregate total volunteer hours is submitted every year to WCB which then is used to calculate SNO's yearly WCB premium.  Complete after you do on-the-ground volunteering.

Thanks for submitting!

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