How Do You Want to Volunteer?

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Lite Volunteer

Tasks at home or ski or snowshoe with a purpose!


No heavy lifting or snowmobiling here and no large time commitments.

Year-round tasks include:

  • Computer-based operations and organizational support

  • Odd jobs (e.g., sewing, errands, shopping)

  • Signage

  • Off-season operations preparation work

  • Various construction tasks (snow catchment fencing, shed/storage areas)

  • Snow stakes and rope fencing installation (November)

Winter tasks include:

  • Providing updates to the groomers about conditions after you've gone skiing or snowshoeing

  • Rope and fence repairs

  • Removing plant debris from the trails (especially after wind events!)

  • Updating conditions signs after grooming

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Grooming Volunteer

Help with grooming on snowmobiles or the Defender.


  • Expect some heavy physical labour and to be grooming/track setting whenever conditions are suitable, including later in the evening and mornings from 7am on weekdays, 9am on weekends

  • Volunteer grooming shifts tend to be 2-4 hours in length

  • Minimum commitment  is one shift per week.  Reasoning: time and effort invested in the training of  grooming volunteers is significant.

  • Old winter clothing and old personal back pack  recommended for snowmobile grooming, as it will get contaminated with snowmobile exhaust. (Thrift stores such as Goodwill are great resources!)

  • Training will be provided

Snow Farming Volunteer

With Calgary's typically low snow pack, snow farming is essential! Help shovel and move snow so that we can ensure that skiing conditions are good throughout the season.

Crew/Team Leads

SNO is currently recruiting for the following volunteer leadership roles:

  • Snow farming/fencing lead

  • Grant writing volunteers

  • Communications/ social media volunteer (primarily manage the website blog, public enquiries received via email and Facebook, respond to comments and posts on Facebook pages and XC discussion threads)

  • Volunteer Coordinator: Manage volunteer onboarding, training completions, certification levels, and any other of SNO's due diligence volunteer management obligations.


OK, I Want to Volunteer. What's Next?

1. Let Us Know How You'd Like to Volunteer
Volunteer Type

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2. Sign and Send the Volunteer Waiver

Download and sign the volunteer waiver and send it to volunteershagnordic AT gmail DOT COM

3. Sign Up For Tasks
4. Find the Location of Your Task

The Shaganappi Maintenance Map allows SNO to track on-the-ground ski trail maintenance with a map-based tool. Once you have been onboarded as a volunteer, instructions will be provided about how to use this tool.

5. Daily Hazard Assessment: Fill Out the Form Before You Volunteer Every Day!

1. Working Alone: If I am working alone, I have contacted another volunteer and have agreed upon a check-in schedule that is appropriate to the task. The check-in person understands that if I don't check in, they will be responsible for ensuring that I get home safely.

2. Fit for Duty and Fatigue Management: I am fit for duty and physically capable of completing the planned tasks. I will put my safety ahead of finishing the job. If I am too fatigued to do the job safely, I will not volunteer or will finish the job the next day.

3. Cold Weather Conditions: I will wear necessary PPE (i.e., winter clothing that is appropriate to the conditions and activity, helmet, etc.) and will employ other mitigation measures to manage hazards such as frostbite, etc. (take breaks, schedule volunteering during the daytime or during warmer weather conditions whenever possible to minimize risk, cease work if cold weather hazards cannot be mitigated, etc.)

4. Repetitive Tasks: I will take the necessary breaks and/or cease tasks to avoid injuries caused by repetitive tasks. For example, I will take breaks to avoid hand or back injuries when completing grooming using snowmobiles and I will use proper lifting techniques when snow farming, etc. 

5. Pinch Points:  I have thought about potential pinch points for the task(s) that I am completing and will mitigate these risks.

6. Noise Bylaws: I understand and will follow the City of Calgary noise bylaws

7. Driver's License: I have a valid driver's license

8. Snowmobile Use: I am suitably experienced or are working under the direct supervision of individuals who are suitably experienced with snowmobile use. I will use the snowmobiles in a controlled manner that is protective of my safety, other volunteers' safety, the equipment, and surrounding property.

9. Snowmobile Circle Check: Before operating the snowmobile, I have confirmed that it is adequately fueled and it is in reasonable working order (e.g., tracks have been inspected for damage, etc.) 

10. I can access the Occupational Health and Safety Act and the Alberta Traffic Safety Act

6. Submit Your Volunteer Hours

Thanks for submitting!

Thanks for submitting!