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Parking Lot Clearing and gravelling (BYO if you can): Help Before or After You Ski on December 24th

The Shaganappi Golf Course parking lot has not been cleared and SNO has exhausted all avenues to get the snow cleared in the short-term. We need your help to clear the parking lot tomorrow, which will give SNO time to find a long-term solution. Volunteers have already cleared some spots but it needs to be finished off. It only takes 5 minutes to clear one parking spot so dedicating half an hour of your day before or after your ski would help clear 6 spots, which would be amazing!

Volunteers are meeting between 7:30 and 9:30 am on December 24th to clear as much of the parking lot as possible with scoop shovels and a snow blower, but you can show up with your own shovel at any point in the day that is convenient for you to pitch in and show your support. If you can bring a bucket of pickle mix (gravel and salt) to spread on the areas you've shoveled, we need to get a layer of gravel on top of that old ice layer from all the Chinooks. The Chinook ice layer is what has been causing multiple vehicles to get stuck in the past two days.

Thank you for your help in advance!

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