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November 14, 2022 update - Sunday evening grooming done, teaching grid is in!

Two volunteers including a first time snowmobiler/groomer Donna (!!yaay!!) were out Sunday evening grooming the ski trail system. The one exception is the expert loop, as that seemed somewhat ok to leave to preserve snow (looking at the forecast), and upon first descent by snowmobile around the first corner from the clubhouse, the snowmobile skis hit asphalt and straightlined while the snowmobile operation training was going on. We weren't going to venture down there with a drag groomer behind us! (been there, done that, twice, and got stuck!)

Track setting is both machine and skier set and not existent on the trail system, depending on where you are. We will have to wait for more snow, as the depth of snow is too variable at the moment for track setting/redoing the track setting, and we need volunteers with more time to do it. Fingers crossed this snow hits Wednesday and we can put in fresh track setting before the next (ugh!) Chinook that is forecasted.

Ski conditions are great but variable - as mentioned in previous reports there are still thin sections where there is grass or asphalt/rocks exposed or lurking juuust under the snow. Take your skis off when moving from the driving range to the upper trails beyond the clubhouse or vice versa, as you are crossing a rocky road/parking lot and people are damaging their ski bases when skiing it!

Teaching /practice grid is in! As of Sunday evening, six parallel lanes of track setting, middle of the driving range.

Shared fatbike/snowshoe trail system is marked out with narrower trails that are pin flagged and the snow surface is not quite hard enough thus not ready for fat biking - so please ride elsewhere or only ride on the trails if you're not sinking 1".

  • Brown pin flagged trails on the north side needs more snowshoers on it to pack it down, and Brad is experimenting with different methods and recommendations on manual grooming the brown pin flagged trail starting from our sheds, as a snowmobile can't navigate that section to pack it down.

  • Pink pin flagged trails on the south side of the golf course have had more traffic, but snowshoers we need you to help pack down a base so the snow doesn't disappear on us with these back to back Chinooks that are forecasted!

Other than that enjoy the snow, consider staing off the trails if you sink too much (1" or more for fat bikers/skate skiers) as volunteers have to repair the trail damage, and some trail damage like from walkers in the middle of the ski trails (!!!) is leaving holes to the ground which will increase melting as the sun exposed ground will be warmed by the sun.

Fingers crossed for snow!

Pics for fun, from Sunday....

Teaching grid track setting in the fresh soft snow with the manual Tidd Tech Trail Tenerizer/tracksetter (with a 50lb weight on it) while the actuator for our automated Ginzu Grommer tracksetter awaits to be disassembled/reassembled so it will be operational again!

Snowmobile operator training, two new to snowmobile operation!



Moon later on Sunday evening, approximately 9pm

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