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November 1, 2022 Update - snow is falling, first trail prep volunteer work party November 5th @ 1pm!

Another heavy snowfall warning for Calgary is here! That fact along with a long range forecast of cold temperatures means golf course staff are trying to quickly get all the prep work done to "put the golf course to bed" for the winter after closing down summer golf operations the last week of October. Expensive specialized tarps are on all 27 greens, now the golf course staff have to install the temporary fencing around all the greens before Shaganappi can be opened to the public.

Meanwhile, SNO is having our first volunteer trail prep work party this Saturday afternoon. We are meeting at the SNO sheds in the SE corner of the parking lot November 5th, at 1pm. We have a lot of tasks on our to do list for that afternoon including pin flagging our new snowshoe and fat bike trail system!

If you have Saturday afternoon free to volunteer, we would welcome more people because as the saying goes, many hands make light work!

If you would like to help out Saturday, you can SignUp here.

Interested in other volunteer opportunities this winter at Shaganappi? Feel free to browse volunteer opportunities on our website to then sign up as a SNO volunteer this winter - we even need skiers fat bikers and snowshoers to submit trail condition reports!

Fingers crossed the heavy snowfall is here and we get more than is predicted, then it is just a case of packing down an initial base of snow on the ski trails, and we'll be ready to open!

...until then, stay tuned for the next update!

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