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March 8 Update: no new grooming, driving range and Alasdair's alley are still good to ski when soft

The decision has been made to cease grooming operations at Shaganappi (that means track setting too) due to the weather-related rapid loss of snow in Calgary combined with the horrid environmental footprint of the 2-stroke snowmobiles and the exhaust they produce.

Snow coverage is still good in the driving range (green loop directly east of the winter parking lot) and along Alasdair's Alley (junction 1 to 8, see the trail map).

Best time to ski is after the snow has softened, which isn't until around 11am or noon on a sunny warm day. Icy conditions exist every morning and possibly all day if there is no sun exposure or the temperatures don't warm up enough. If it still exists, track setting will likely be icy just due to the fact they are frozen overnight.

All other trails are not recommended for skiing as there are potentially dangerous conditions especially when the trails are icy. There are un-skiable/potentially dangerous trail conditions due to bare asphalt and/or rocks and/or grass in one or many spots or along long sections of trail.

This is likely the last week and weekend that conditions are skiable at Shaganappi around the driving range and along Alasdair's Alley. Have fun if you go!!!

Thanks a LOT to all the volunteers and individuals who provided support to Shaganappi winter operations on the ground, in the background, and also in mentoring/advisory roles. (Mentors/Advisors for on-the-ground operations: Jamie at Confed; Jeff aka Boomer Groomer @ WBC; Jeff @ Ribbon/K Country; Jasper from Cremona's XC Trail network; Larry T, Graham S, and Alasdair F: retired grooming volunteers from the Calgary Ski Club; and likely more...)

It truly is a collective effort to keep SNO going as a non-profit society and also make skiing possible at Shaganappi every winter with the track setting and grooming frequency that SNO provides and is working to improve upon.

March 2nd photo looking east from junction 9 on the trail map.

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