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March 2 Update: golf course staff removing snow off greens = snow clearing along Bow Trail

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

With the change in the weather, golf course summer staff have mobilized and are working at Shaganappi this week to plow the snow off all 27 greens by Thursday.

We received word that golf course staff unfortunately are also driving on or plowing the ski trails in some places in order to transport their snow clearing equipment around the golf course. We're repairing the ski trail damage once it's reported to us.

Skiers beware that the ski trails along the Bow Trail corridor on the map does not have snow on it along all of the routing parallel to Bow Trail as a result of the abovementioned snow clearing work the golf course staff are doing this week.

Night skiers: If you choose to ski Shaganappi at night this week, make sure you have a headlamp and expect variable snow conditions depending on daytime heating and how quickly the temperatures drop once the sun goes down. Beware of the fact that the snow is not on the ski trails in some sections so you're not surprised.

Keep in mind that this week due to the daytime temperatures, the snow will harden quickly in cooler night time temperatures that would then render the ski trails to be hard "bullet-proof" snow.

March 2nd: Tractor clearing snow off the Bow Trail ski trail and cart path just before Westgate Corner, looking west.

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