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March 1st Update: Spring snow at Shaganappi!

The switch has been turned. Solar heating and warm temperatures have changed conditions dramatically at Shaganappi from winter to spring.

Cold overnight temperatures will harden the snow surface and if the daytime temperatures heat up especially with sun exposure, the snow will soften once again.

Expect varying conditions at Shaganappi depending on the time of day you visit and whether the snow you're on has been in the shade all morning or not. Sometimes the snow will be fast and hard, other snow on the same trail can be the soft slower saturated spring snow, depending on the time of day you visit and other variables such as overnight temperatures and whether it's sunny or cloudy during the day.

Have fun, it's nice to have access to the varying terrain and big open spaces at Shaganappi!

February 20th: winter snow and a nice weekend results in skiers enjoying Shaganappi!

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