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January 3, 2023 update: grooming done, ski while it's still winter snow!!!

With the forecasted warm temperatures this weekend, get on the trails before the Chinook blows in to sublimate the snow away and create icy conditions!

Ski trail conditions: The snow on the ski trails is holding up well in these colder temperatures. Keep in mind there are areas of thin coverage and Condo Alley will have exposed rocks as per usual (especially near the bottom of the hill)....however conditions will be great for skate skiers after two volunteers were out this evening grooming the skate lanes over 8 hours between the two of them. (not all 8 hours were spent grooming, there were a few snowmobile and equipment failures/challenges this evening....a few spanners were tossed into the works, as the saying goes!) Track setting from the 26th is still in and likely is very icy. Track setting might be refreshed in the next few days if volunteers have time..... (no promises, though!)

Shared Fat Bike & Snowshoe Trail system: Snowshoes likely are barely penetrating this hard packed snow on the trail system. Studded tyres are recommended for fat biking, as the trails are hard packed and slick.

Overall conditions are fantastic considering the rain event on Boxing Day and how little snow there is. Having said that, there are areas of thin coverage and marginal conditions such as Condo Alley, so be alert the first lap or two until you learn where the great skiing is and where the thin sections are.

Maintaining the trails at Shaganappi costs money..... consider donating to SNO or becoming a member to help us reach the goal of 200 memberships to help with financial sustainability. We now have 32 paid members, up from 26 a week ago, thank you to all who have contributed!

Snowmobile grooming this evening using the Ginzu Groomer (foreground) and Tidd Tech.

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