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January 29 Update: Spring is here! (so far)

There is more grass and ice than snow on the ski and snowshoe trail system at Shaganappi. It's looking like late March or April on the ground at Shag.

If we get a foot of snow without significant wind, along with a long term forecast that doesn't call for a week of Chinook temperatures, then we may be able to resurrect skiing and snowshoeing at Shaganappi. Time will tell!

Until then, people are enjoying the walks on site, but exercise extreme caution if you are walking on site, as there is a LOT of ice in some areas. It is completely possible to walk on grass most of the time, though. (sigh)

As an aside, there is a wee bit of somewhat skiable snow in the driving range, one really keen skier had the area to themselves this afternoon, and was out for approximately 30 minutes!

Driving range and downtown, as seen from the parking lot January 29, 2022

Alasdair's alley from Junction 1 looking east toward Junction 8 January 29, 2022

Ski trail from Junction 9 to Junction 2, January 29, 2022

Junction 9, looking west-ish, toward junction 6 January 29, 2022

The skate skiing superhighway, between junction 6 and 5, looking SW toward Westgate Corner January 29, 2022

Frozen footprints, ski tracks, and snowshoe prints are on the golf course fairways everywhere, it will be interesting to see if they kill the grass. Hopefully not. Fingers crossed the snow sublimates away in the next forecasted Chinook! January 29, 2022 picture

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