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January 14 grooming and update on debris clearing completed today!

One volunteer spent 3 hours tonight learning about the Ginzu while on a Skidoo renovating and redoing the track setting in the south teaching area in the driving range east of the parking lot.

During the day today, one amazing SNO volunteer cleared a lot of debris off of trails in 3 hours, his completed work is represented by the red line.

If we are able to get out and renovate those sections of trail so the Chinook Glaze (ice layer on top of the snow) is destroyed, we will post an update.

If other people can get out there and clear the other sections of trail, we hopefully will be able to get there get out there with the groomer.

Sunday afternoon the Adaptive ski program with Ultimate Wheelchair Sports will be on the snow with their participants on sit skis. It would be really nice to get the trails cleared of debris and groomed for them...

Priorities for debris clearing are from Junction 1 to junction 8 on the online map; and the loop from junction 9 to 4 to 5 to 6. Then from 9 to 2 onto the Bow Trail loop.

Shout-out and biiig thanks to SNO volunteer Bill for all the trail and fencing work he's been doing so far this New Year....over 35 hours volunteering on the ground so far, and now all that debris clearing today, you rock!

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