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January 1 2021 8am update: track setting redone....teaching grid is in.

One volunteer was out for 5 hours in the beautiful moonlight on a Skidoo last night, breaking-up and redoing most track setting. Some track setting was untouched and left in place due to the fact it is in areas where the snow cover is fairly shallow. The driving range now has a 7 or 8-lane teaching grid that was put in last night.

Surprisingly, Shaganappi was fairly quiet last night where we expected people to be on the snow going for a ski or snowshoe to ring in the New Year.

Grooming was done yesterday morning on most trails. All trails were hard packed and in great shape last night.

The chinook is here, 2am today it was +2 however the temperature has dropped back to -4 at the airport at 8am.

As mentioned in a previous post, we won't be going out to groom or track set until the temperature at night is forecasted to drop a few degrees below zero, and that's if we have a trained-up volunteer willing and able to go out.

For those who are interested, redoing the track setting takes two passes with our grooming and track setting equipment and is fairly time consuming:

  • On the first pass we use the knives of the groomer to break up the track setting,

  • The second pass, we use the knives again to break the chunks of snow into even smaller pieces while we are then simultaneously

laying a new track with the track setter.

Have fun out there!!

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