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October 23, 2022 Shaganappi update: ...It's not ski season at Shaganappi...yet.....

The first big dump of snow is here, but we need a compact base before we ski, or we risk damaging our skis and also the turf underneath.

The Shaganappi Point golf course was scheduled to be open for another week of golfing before this snow hit. Now the summer grounds maintenance crews may have to clear the snow off all the greens and tee boxes in order to prepare and protect the fragile non native grasses for the winter, one step is putting specialized tarps on all 27 greens!

Once there is a decent base of snow combined with a long range forecast for cold temperatures to stay and not melt the snow away, winter activities such as cross country skiing at Shaganappi will begin and this blog will be the first to be updated when that time will come!

Until then do a snow dance, prepare your skis for the winter by making sure the storage wax is scraped off or wax them if you didn't do so before putting them away for the summer, and we will be on skis very soon if the weather is favourable!

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