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February 4 update: 4 weeks left! Wind deposits, track setting drifting, softening trails...

The wind has wreaked havoc over the ski trail system, redepositing and drifting snow. Around much of the ski trail system the track setting is filled in,

and beware of a few isolated spots of pine cones and tree debris on the trails. (feel free to pause to clean it off for us!) Saturday afternoon two volunteers did a quick lap around the outside large loop grooming the skate lane, and there is fresh track setting in the middle of the driving range and down the north side of Alasdair's Alley. Snow coverage is still good but definitely sublimating fast in a few of the more wind and sun exposed areas that had thin snowcover to begin with. A volunteer will try to get the track setting redone Sunday if there is capacity. In four weeks time, unless there is a BiG dump of snow, winter operations will be done at Shaganappi (including fat biking), as the golf course switches into summer opening preparations....

FBSS: The shared fat bike & snowshoe trails (FBSS) are softening quite a bit during the daytime in these Chinook temperatures. Bikers please remember to ride the trails using tires that are a minimum of 3.7"wide, check your tire pressure is low enough, and "think before you sink". If bike tires are damaging /sinking into the trails causing deeper ruts, please consider turning around to return another time when temperatures are colder and the trails are firm, as volunteers maintain these trails.

Chinook Blast today was fun and well attended even though fat bike demos were not available. (apologies again for our communication error!) Saturday February 11th Bow Cycle will be back with more fat bike demo bikes from 11-2pm! Free tastings and treats from today will be returning as well such as Crickle Creek Coffee, 88 Brewing, Big Buns Club Cinnamon Buns and Onie Granola. Free fat bike skills sessions will again be led by PMBI certified instructor Duncan Milne from the Cycling Co!

Memberships: if you haven't already, please consider becoming a paid member to SNO to help this non profit become more financially self sustaining by reaching our goal of 200 paid memberships. Thank you to the 48 households who have become paid members thus far and to those who purchased the 3 new memberships since the last grooming update yesterday!

Alternatively, one can choose a one time donation if that works better, and corporate donations will be very happily accepted too, of course!

Pictures from Chinook Blast today:

Big Buns Club yummy four-bite Cinnamon Buns!

Fantastic ski commute set-up!

Tastings and such from 88 Brewing, Crickle Creek Coffee, and Onie granola.....

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