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February 26 Shaganappi Update - Winter snow & corduroy!!!

All ski trails were groomed Friday evening by a SNO volunteer in preparation for the Chinook, and a bit more track setting was done in some areas when time allowed. Variable snow depth exists on all trails, rock skis are recommended. There is good snow coverage overall, the driving range is fantastic, as is most of the trail system. Keep in mind some trail sections are on asphalt or shale cart paths which can damage skis. (Think the Bow Trail corridor from 26th Street to 33rd Street, and Condo Alley as examples.) When in doubt, stop and poke the ground with a ski pole to see if you're on grass, or something harder and possibly more sinister.

The Expert loop is in really good shape now that it was groomed and track set!

***Temporary parking lot access is via Sovereign Crescent. We are closing the gate overnight for site security but will endeavour to open it early-ish in the mornings on weekends.**

Beware that daytime sun exposure combined with Chinook winds will sublimate the snow away quickly. Saturday may be the last blast of winter snow, so get out while it's good and so accessible within the city!

Total volunteer grooming hours Friday evening: 4

Upcoming Nordic ski fun:

  • Saturday February 26th will be busy in PLPP for the Cookie Race, parking will be a nightmare!

  • The 50th Annual Lake Louise Loppet March 6th still has room for participants!

Easy track setting conditions Friday evening in the fresh snow with the modified shallow track setter!

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