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February 24 Update: Grooming done...track setting to be continued....

All skate lanes were groomed Wednesday evening by one volunteer however there wasn't time to set new tracks on the trail sections that need it.

Ski conditions are great overall. Expect existing track setting to be of variable quality from excellent and solid to non-existent, unfortunately. Keep in mind there are sections of trail where the snow is too shallow for track setting.

Currently, it is taking 5 passes over the old track setting to make new track setting with our 50"automated renovator and track setter. (Our kingdom for a tiller!)

We will do our best to get the track setting done in the next few days. Have fun on the snow!!!

*Westgate Corner (SW corner of the golf coure) has a very thin layer over the asphalt cart path, beware, but there are skiable workarounds once the snow does disappear from sun and wind exposure.

Volunteer hours grooming Wednesday evening: 2.25

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