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December 31 2021 update: Roller packing and grooming is done!!!

All ski trails were snowmobile roller packed and groomed Friday night by one grooming volunteer! Shaganappi now has really good snow coverage overall, but keep in mind early season conditions still exist where some trail sections have very little snow such as on gravel and asphalt cart paths and on trails under trees such as the gravel cart path along Condo Alley from junction 7 to 6, and Westgate corner. (SW corner)

We will likely opt for skier track setting rather than machine track setting, to retain as much snow as possible. Shaganappi's microclimate includes significant wind and sun exposure, so when we have the volunteer capacity, we will be moving toward snow catchment and farming projects.

Now that we have packed down a decent base of snow, our current focus is on completing winter startup tasks on the ground, such as finishing off the rope fencing around the tee boxes, and signage installation at Shaganappi.

The temperature at the start of the evening of snowmobile roller packing was -29, and -35 by the end of the adventure!

Volunteer hours Friday : 6.25

(including 1 hour 'arguing' with the Ginzugroomer! ;))

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