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December 30 7:45am update: Corduroy and some fresh track setting

Two volunteers were out last night grooming the skate lanes and setting some new tracks on the loops SW of the clubhouse. We may go out to finish the grooming, but in truth the trails are in great shape considering how little snow we have on them.

The snow is getting thin on some short sections of trail where there are warmer microclimates created by south facing trees and asphalt, or where the trail is sheltered by trees and doesn't get as much snow. After this chinook, we'll be putting out some scoop shovels for people to use to snow farm those locations.

The chinook is coming unfortunately, see how the snow holds up.

We've increased parking capacity by plowing and opening the upper overflow parking lot daily until 5pm when the gate is locked. The lower main winter parking lot is open 24/7.

There is also parking available from December 30 - January 3 inclusive at the Spruce Cliff Community Centre on Spruce Drive, it is then a short walk to the Quarry Road Trail walk-through entrance to Shaganappi.

Have fun out there!

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