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December 2, 2022 Update: dust on crust, rocks, asphalt, tree branches, grass.......

The Chinook weather these past two weeks took most snow away from the ski trails at Shaganappi. Marginal conditions exist with this dusting of newsnow on top of crunchy Chinook glaze (ice), bare asphalt, rocks, tree branches, grass, etc. Skiing is spicy - there are lots of sharks (hazards) under the snow, so be very careful! Rock skis are definitely recommended, skiing is not recommended at all, to be honest. All ski trails were roller groomed Friday night by a volunteer to help retain the snow, however Shaganappi needs a lot more snow before all the hazards will be covered up again.

Ski tip: go to the mountains where there's more snow! If you do choose to ski at Shaganappi, stay off of Condo Alley, take skis off when transitioning from the driving range/lower loop to the upper trails (road is all gravel), there are gravel and asphalt cart paths in other areas of the ski trail system, so ski carefully if you do choose to ski.

Shared snowshoe/fat bike trail system (pink and brown pin flags) is in good shape, especially for fat biking - there may be some squirrelly/bumpy areas due to foot traffic post holing, but in general the Pink and Brown loops are in good shape considering the Chinook melt/freeze cycles we've had!

Saturday December 3rd is Global Fat Bike Day, and we're celebrating from 11am - 2pm with bike demos from Bow Cycle, Ridley's Cycle will have a warming station, and there will be the opportunity to take bike skills sessions in exchange for a donation to the Calgary Food Bank! Detailed info can be found here.

Grooming and maintaining the trail systems costs a lot of money, please consider donating to SNO or becoming a member - support our efforts to provide free access to winter outdoor recreation opportunities in Calgary!

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