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December 18 update: success with the new SNO Roller!

Updated: Dec 18, 2021

Early season conditions....variable describes the conditions and snow depth at Shaganappi at the moment. We packed down the snow today by experimenting with our new custom built SNO Roller!! The middle of the golf course has decent snow coverage, as does the driving range east of the lower (main) parking lot. The wind has scoured a lot of the snow away on the more exposed sections of trail, those trail sections may be down to bare grass and asphalt or gravel. Be cautious on all downhills. The expert loop is not recommended; and avoid the section of trail from junction 6 to 7 (aka condo alley), as that is a gravel cart path with very little snow on top. Rock skis are a good idea if you have them, enjoy!

Volunteer time on the snowmobile: 4 hours (including 30 mins getting the sled and roller unstuck on an uphill! ;)

Picture to demonstrate the variable snow depth at Shaganappi right now.

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