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December 15 update: Dust on crust has helped, skiing back to marginal, variable coverage overall

The dusting of snow, combined with the foggy overnight and morning humidity along with colder temperatures have helped out with snow retention and improving conditions....but the snow cover is still thin in many places, and icy, too....

XC Skiing

Skiing is still not recommended due to the fact we just don't have that much snow. There is variable snow cover and the risks posed by rocks, roots, and other hazards just below the surfae of the snow are everywhere. The weather will be nice this weekend, so if you do go for a ski, please ski with great care, especially at Shaganappi and when travelling with any kind of speed.



Snowshoers are welcome to come out to the blue and green pin-flagged shared fat bike and snowshoe trails. The trails have had some snowshoe traffic already, and more snowshoers are definitely welcome. There are still bare spots on FB/SS trails, so please travel around the trail system with caution, trying to avoid walking on bare ground if it has softened.

Fat bikers:

Please stay away. The trails are not quite ready for bike traffic, as the ground is still bare and soft in places especially sun exposed trail sections, and the turf can be quickly damaged by fat bikes. Please choose to ride elsewhere, and we'll post an update when we are confident opening the trails for fat biking won't damage the turf.

That's it for this quick Friday evening update.... let's keep doing our various snow and cold weather dancing, and maybe it will pay off!


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