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November 13, 2022 update - grooming done!

More fresh corduroy meets skiers who are at Shaganappi this morning, as a grooming volunteer was out last night for 3-4 hours grooming the ski trail system.

Ski conditions

Classic skiers may encounter icy track setting, whether it is machine track set or skier track set, that is to be expected just from skier traffic, warming temperatures during the day, then freezing temperatures overnight. Icy track setting will be the trend this week with the predicted Chinook as well. Remember early season conditions exist, wind scoured areas especially the wind scoured asphalt and gravel cart paths are losing snow, so ski carefully until you learn to recognize where you are on the trail system and whether there are rocks/asphalt/other hazards to be careful of.

Once our automated Ginzu tracksetter actuator is back running properly, we hope to put more track setting in, however that all depends on the variable snow depth on the trails, volunteer availability, and weather conditions.

Shared snowshoe/fat bike trail system

Brown pin flagged trails: We noticed a lot of skier traffic on the trail system which likely is not helpful as the skis sink down in this soft snow, but there were also some snowshoers out yesterday. The north advanced level brown pin flagged system starting in the driving range by Sovereign Crescent may need more snowshoers to pack it down as parts of it is not navigable by snowmobile for machine track packing, that system is likely not ready for fat biking yet.

Pink pin flagged trails: This system was snowmobile track packed Friday, but still soft. Not sure if it is bikeable yet, that trail system in particular received a lot of skier traffic and some snowshoers as well yesterday. We need more snowshoers on the trail and then reports back to us - hopefully some SNO volunteers will be able to help with that!

Hope for colder temperatures than forecasted, and more snow....until then, have fun it's a great start to the winter season at Shaganappi!

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