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November 10 update: Skier and walker cooperation requested, snowshoer help needed!

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

Today is the first full day that Shaganappi is open, and we have two requests: FIRST BIG request is for skiers and walkers - stay off the trail system mapped out in red on our new map. The trail system is flagged with orange and brown pin flags (like underground irrigation pin flags). The pin flagged trail system is for snowshoers and winter fat bikers only, please! Sunken ski and foot tracks on snowshoe/ fat bike trails make biking nearly impossible, we need skiers to stay on the ski trail system ... as an added bonus, there are more ski trails! We also need walkers who choose to walk at Shaganappi to do so off the trail systems or walk only on the ski trail system, walking on the far outside please. The ski trail system is easy to find right now, as it is machine groomed and at least 15 feet wide!

Photo example of pin flags from this morning:

Photo of trail etiquette for walkers who choose to walk on the trail system- only walk on the ski trail system please!

Second request is for everyone to stay off all roped areas which are tee boxes and greens which if you're not a golfer, tee boxes and greens are typically flat areas or flat topped hills. Greens should be roped off by now by golf course staff however we have not finished roping off the tee boxes by the ski trail system. Any flat point around the golf course that is not roped is likely a tee box and is comprised of fragile grasses underneath.

Compact snow above fragile grasses can easily kill the grass over the winter, as decomposition gases at the grass surface accumulate over the winter and then can't escape through the snowpack.

We're not done with winter setup, and a big push Friday/Saturday afternoons is on, if you want to help, please sign up here.

Mapping is new and not ready, so only a few maps are on site, and our electronic version is in progress...if anyone can help with our mapping needs, please contact us through our volunteer page!

Snow conditions:

Skiers: We have some new trail routing! Come see for yourself! Reroutes for areas that typically experience thin snow coverage and/or high sun/wind exposure.

Early season conditions exist, beware that some rocks and other surprises exist under the snow...if you have rock skis, they are recommended.

All trails have been groomed, some track setting has been done but a combination of shallow snowpack in some areas from wind scouring, our automated tracksetter not working, and grooming volunteer availability challenges due to cold temperatures more than anything equals partial track setting on the ski trail system.

Fatbike/snowshoe trail system:

Trail system to be packed down by skidoo Friday am. Snowshoers, we need you! Snowshoers please come out, find the pin flagged trails (brown route on the north side, orange pin flags on the south side) and come try out the snowshoe/fatbike trail system...the winter fat bikers will appreciate your efforts tramping down the snow, as they will then be able to ride the trail system once it is packed down!

We shall include some pictures from this past week of trail grooming, track setting, and especially this morning's fog over downtown and sunrise over the fog. Enjoy the trails before the Chinook hits and makes them icy!

Fog over downtown at sunrise today

Track setting the night of the 7th using the Tidd Tech Trail Tenderizer manual tracksetter

River valley fog rose to Alasdair's Alley this morning

Grooming volunteer Pete Y November 7th

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