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March 23 evening update: Northern Lights tonight; skate lane grooming done; last day is Sunday!

Northern lights were out while two volunteers groomed all the skate lanes this evening. Get out for some great skate skiing Friday and have a look outside just now, the Aurora might still be active!

Classic track setting was redone Wednesday morning in at least one direction on most of the ski trail system. There wasn't enough time to put in double track setting everywhere, as some snow farming was necessary too. (Thanks Pete!) Possibly more track setting will be done Friday if temperatures remain cold and there is volunteer capacity.

Fat bike/snowshoe: One volunteer has been working every day filling in ruts from bikers riding in too soft conditions. The brown and pink pin-flagged trail system might be snowmobile groomed Friday if it is possible to do so safely, effectively, and without running the machine on grass...time will tell!

Support Shaganappi winter operations

Grooming and track setting operations at Shaganappi costs money, anywhere from $5K-$7K a year. SNO needs 200 households to become members in order to be financially self-sustaining. Membership pricing starts at $40 for an individual, please consider donating what you can, or becoming a member to this non profit organization. Thank you to the 61 households that bought memberships thus far, as well as the various individual and business donors for financially supporting Shaganappi winter operations!

Last Day: Sunday the 26th is the last day of winter operations at Shaganappi including fat biking, so golf course summer staff can begin preparations to open Shaganappi for the golf season.

Pictures of the corduroy for the skate skiers Friday. Thanks to Chris & Jason for the vounteering tonight, and the great pictures!

Tidd Tech manually operated drag groomer with the track setter sitting on top.

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