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January 30 Update: Corduroy and coyotes tonight!

Skate lanes were groomed Saturday evening, and we discovered the snow is too shallow in many areas to redo the track setting, sorry classic skiers. Keep in mind the existing track setting is still in great shape! Hopefully the sit skiers that will be out Sunday with Ultimate Wheelchair sports will have fun on the fresh grooming...and fingers crossed Mr. B and "the rock" at the side of the Valley 5 fairway don't have another verbal disagreement like they did the other week! ;)

Please remember Calgary's had very little snow since December. If there's no track setting on some trail sections, there is a very good reason: the snow is likely too shallow and we're trying to preserve it as much as possible.

The bright moon made for a majestic setting at Shaganappi tonight...the coyotes seemed to be in agreement with that sentiment as they were out and about, moving all around the golf course singing their songs, keeping just outside the field that our snowmobile lights illuminate. Gotta love urban wildlife! Just wish we had a great camera to get pics of the canines, they are really curious when we're out on the snowmobiles grooming.

Trails to avoid:

Condo Alley (trail between junctions 6 & 7 ) is not recommended and has barriers up warning folks the skiing is marginal at best. Beware that the bottom of the hill has the shale cart path rocks melting through the snow.

Trail between junctions 1 & 2: There is bare asphalt in the usual locations in between the trees, and the snow has been plowed away on one half of the ski trail going down the first part of the hill to enable contractor access to the pump house by the Valley 5 green. This trail under the trees has had one dedicated volunteer spending 4.5 hours in the past few days moving snow back onto the trail from the monster snowpile may be skiable now...thanks Lynn B!!!

Westgate corner: (SW corner of the golf course) Westgate corner is bare and done for the season unless we get a good March snowfall. No point fighting nature on that one. There is a workaround nearby that is skiable that takes skiers down to the straight away from Westgate corner to junction 5 or 6.

Have fun on the snow!!!

Volunteer time this evening: (total of 9 hours)

Volunteer#1: grooming: 4 hours; breaking and redoing the track setting between junctions five and six: 30 minutes

Volunteer#2: 4.5 hours grooming

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