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January 29 Update: corduroy and another skiff of new snow!

Skate lanes have been groomed Friday night, and with the new snow and cold temperatures the skiing at Shaganappi this weekend will be fantastic! Existing track setting is in good shape with the additional snow, and the Bow Trail loop running parallel to Bow Trail is too shallow for track setting right now.

Please be aware there are some spots where the asphalt or shale (rocky) cart path is coming through on trails but in general, coverage is really good considering there hasn't been significant snow in Calgary since the December snowfall before Christmas.

Get out on the snow this weekend, the weather is going to be fantastic!

Trails to avoid:

Condo Alley (trail between junctions 6 & 7 ) is not recommended and has barriers up warning folks the skiing is marginal at best. The trail now has just enough snow on it to hide the rocks that were melting through from the sun. Beware that the bottom of the hill has the shale cart path rocks melting through.

Trail between junctions 1 & 2: There is bare asphalt in the usual locations in between the trees, and the snow has been plowed away on one half of the ski trail going down the first part of the hill to enable contractor access to the pump house by the Valley 5 green. This trail under the trees may not be salvageable unfortunately, not without a LOT of volunteer work, one volunteer spent 2 hours putting snow on that section of trail, got about 10 meters done.

Westgate corner: (SW corner of the golf course) Westgate corner is bare and done for the season unless we get a good March snowfall. No point fighting nature on that one. There is a workaround nearby that is skiable that takes skiers down to the straight away from Westgate corner to junction 5 or 6.

Volunteer hours on snow Friday night: (total of 8 hours)

Volunteer#1: 4.5 hours

Volunteer#2: 3.5 hours

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