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January 22, 2023 update: ski & snowshoe/fat bike trails groomed; partial track setting.

Snow!!!! All ski trails have been groomed and some are track set; all fat bike trails were Bachler packed; thanks to a collaborative effort spanning from 11:30am to 10pm Sunday from 5 grooming volunteers, totalling 22.5 hours of volunteer time!

Ski trails: Grooming is done, skate skiing should be awesome! Some track setting was done, but the volunteer ran out of time as it was taking 5 passes with the renovator knives to break up the Chinook glaze (ice) into small enough particles to properly take on the track setting. Remember that sharks (rocks) lurk just below the surface of the snow in some spots, especially Condo Alley which is blocked off and marked with 'Marginal Conditions' signage. The recent Chinook weather sublimated a lot of snow away, especially in the more wind and sun exposed areas, so please use caution on your first lap or two around the trails until you are aware of the spicy spots!

Shared fat bike & snowshoe trails (FBSS): The trail system is a bit soft from the new snow, and some fat bike riders were out right after the trails were Bachler packed Sunday afternoon and evening, before the snow had a chance to harden up. Fat bikers beware of the fact the trails were very icy in places before this snowfall, studded tyres are still recommended (and a best practice, really!). Snowshoers should enjoy this new snow!

Memberships: Grooming and track setting costs money (let alone updating equipment!). Help this non profit reach our goal of 200 members which will help SNO be more financially self-sustaining. Thank you to the 36 paid members and the six people who got memberships in 2023! Thank you for your support and consider becoming a member if you haven't had a chance yet! Alternatively, consider a one time donation if that works best for you, corporate donations are definitely welcome too!

Membership bonus: Free fat bike lessons! Join us Saturdays for free fat bike lessons from PMBI Certified instructor Duncan Milne from the Cycling Co January 28, February 4 and 11. RSVP and more info can be found by clicking here.

Chinook Blast Events: Shaganappi Nordic Operations Club (SNO) is hosting three Chinook Blast events on Saturdays from 11 to 3 pm on January 28th, February 4th, and February 11th as part of the city-wide winter festival. Enjoy the SNO trail advice and membership booth, beer tasting with Eighty-Eight Brewing, coffee from Crickle Creek, Big Buns Club cinnamon buns, free Bow Cycle fat bike demos, free Cycling Co fat bike sessions, and on the Events tab at the top of our website for more information!

Pictures from Sunday!

Pete T and Finn snowmobile track packing the ski trails Sunday:

Track setting Sunday evening - 5 passes with the renovator knives:

One pass track setting test Sunday afternoon: renovating and track setting all in one go resulted in poor quality track setting...(sadness!)

Track setting in the driving range Sunday afternoon at sunset:

Lastly : a beautiful sunset shot of downtown:

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