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January 19 Update: Trail system skate-lane grooming; driving range re-do

Two volunteers were out Monday evening, doing their best...

Skate lane grooming: most of the trail system skate lanes have been renovated, now the thin layer of Chinook Glaze from the past two days is gone off the surface of the skate lanes! (We got rid of a lot of the sunken pedestrian footprints, too!) The lower expert loop was not done, throttle-thumb soreness shortened the grooming shift for one volunteer, unfortunately. :(

Trail system track setting: Expect the track setting to have icy areas throughout, we're likely leaving it for the week. No time to redo it, and there is such shallow snow around Shaganappi, we are trying to preserve the snow as much as possible by reducing the amount of times we break old track setting and renovate deep down into the snow base.

Driving range re-do: The skate lane surface around the loop was tickled by the renovator teeth and groomed, and the track setting was redone. The south teaching area just east of the parking lot now has a corduroy finish along with five, (yes, five!) fresh teaching-grid lanes.

Things to note:

Condo alley (trail section between Junctions 6 & 7 on the map) now has sketchy and/or marginal conditions on the lower 100+ meters, and is not recommended. The shale cart path is now exposed at the bottom of the hill in the sun-exposed are unfortunately, and that area of rock likely will grow exponentially from the solar heating combined with the Chinook breezes in the next few days. (sadness) We're considering some significant snow farming effort organizing during the cold spell that may involve a pick-up truck or two transporting some of the huge snow pile from the upper parking lot if we can make it happen/gather enough volunteers on both ends ( the harvest and dump locations) ...stay tuned...

Volunteer effort this evening:

Renovating/grooming trail-system skate-lanes: 4 hours

Renovating/grooming and re-doing the driving range track setting: 3.75 hours

Track setting trail-breaking effort: In these snow conditions, it took 4 passes renovating/breaking up the chunks of snow with the renovator knives into smaller and smaller bits before with one last pass, the volunteer was able to put in the new track-setting (crazy time consuming, but it's beauuuutiful now)

Have fun out there!!!

Yer Shaganappi grooming vollies.

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