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January 13 Update: Debris-clearing help needed; driving range grooming and track setting......

If you have sturdy footwear with ice spikes/YakTrax, and a fan rake, there is a LOT of plant debris on the Shaganappi cross country ski trail system from the wind event today that now needs to be removed to areas the wind won't put the material back onto the trails.... Many hands make light work! The only debris-free area at the moment is the beginner area / driving range loop because that area does not have large trees around it.

The Chinook Glaze (Chinook melt/freeze ice layer on top of the snow) has hit all trails at Shaganappi. Once the trails are plant debris-free and proper temperatures hit, we can consider re-grooming the trails for the skate skiers, and break-up and redo the track setting on the trail sections that have a deep enough base of snow where the renovator knives of the groomer won't hit grass when breaking-up the old track setting. The lower advanced loop is NOT RECOMMENDED due to the icy approach to the corner and access trail.

The Driving Range Loop (green ski loop east of the main parking lot) is the best snow conditions because it has been renovated so the grooming for the skate-skiers should be really nice. The track setting was broken-up and redone as well, by a volunteer who spent 5 hours on a Skidoo tonight doing all that. Breaking-up and redoing the track setting took 4 passes with the groomer to do each lane of track setting...super time consuming.

With the lack of new snow and the Chinook Glaze along with the wind debris on all ski trails in and around Calgary, at least the Driving Range is in good shape so people have an option for good skiing without driving a long way out of town.

Have fun on the snow!

Skidoo and drag-groomer at sunset today on the Driving Range Loop.

Plant debris on trails, #9 fairway (between Junctions 1 and 8 on the winter map) The Chinook Glaze is visible in the two sets of track setting on the left.

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