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February 9 Update: Excellent skiing on all trails thanks to the new snow! Grooming done Saturday.

Two hardy volunteers were out on Snowmobiles Saturday morning and afternoon, packing down and grooming the new snow on all trails with our drag-grooming equipment. Hopefully the new snow will harden fast so skate-ski tracks aren't sinking down too much!

Track setting for the classic skiers will hopefully be done Thursday evening as that's the soonest someone from our volunteer grooming team is available who also has the capacity/time/desire to track set using our manual shallow track setter on the Tidd Tech. (on many sections of trail, the snow base is too shallow for the regular depth track setter)

On the weekend the parking lot had over 30 cars in the afternoon! It's great to see so many people out even in the cold, kudos to all of you!

Remember the parking lot may look "full" meaning vehicles are parking in the lower lot, but the trails likely won't be busy. People visiting Shaganappi spread out quickly which is the bonus of the large parcel of land Shaganappi is on compared to Confed!

Volunteer time: total of 8 hours

Volunteer #1: 2.5 hours snowmobile grooming

Volunteer #2: 3 hours snowmobile grooming

Volunteer #3: 2 hours doing a gas run/other work in a support role

Volunteer #4: 0.5 hours enabling snowmobile access, starting help, etc.

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