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February 3 update - track setting in, Chinook Blast tomorrow! Pink loop skinny tire damage groomed

Classic track setting was put in over the course of four hours by a grooming volunteer Wednesday afternoon and evening. Yesterday the track setting was firming up as temperatures remained cold in the morning, hopefully the track setting was nice and frozen in place before these plus temperatures hit, as breaking up and redoing track setting is suuuper time consuming (EDIT: anywhere from 2x-8x longer, depending on snow conditions). It's now +2 at the Airport at 8am. Sadness.

Cross country ski trails: Double track setting is in throughout the trail system for classic skiers. Skate lanes were groomed Tuesday night and may be re-groomed this evening depending on temperatures, trail condition, and volunteer capacity. Snow coverage is good considering how many long Chinook cycles we have had this winter that resulted in snow loss. There are still thin areas of snow coverage, but overall the ski trails are in great shape! Get out before this forecasted Chinook and accompanying winds sublimate the snow away...again.

Shared Fat Bike & Snowshoe trails (FBSS): The pink loops were packed and regroomed yesterday afternoon by two volunteers, in an attempt to repair damage from a rider who was out on a traditional bike with skinny tires Wednesday, washing out and sinking into the snow all over the place. The brown and pink pin flagged FBSS trails are firm for riding and snowshoeing, mostly easy going and it is a beautiful walk!

FBSS trail maintenance help request: If you are snowshoeing or riding the trails, especially in the evening, consider filling in any sunken ruts so the snow will have a chance to freeze and set up, especially over night! Riding a bike over ruts and foot prints is really difficult and bumpy/uncomfortable if the whole trail system is rutted (EDIT: especially for new riders!), and that kind of help also saves us sending out the ask to our volunteers!

Chinook Blast tomorrow! February 4th Shaganappi Nordic Operations Club (SNO) is hosting the second of three Chinook Blast Saturday events from 11am to 2pm! Enjoy learning about SNO and receive trail advice from our volunteers; beer tasting from 88 Brewery; Big Buns cinnamon buns; Crickle Creek Coffee, and free bike skills sessions taught by PMBI Certified instructor Duncan Milne from the Cycling Co!

Chinook blast bike skills session details: This week's free skill session will be on cornering. Skills sessions start at 11:00, 12:15, and 1:30 immediately followed by the trail session that starts at 11:30, 12:45 and 2:00 pm, hope to see you there!

February 11th will be the last Chinook Blast event. Bow Cycle fat bike demo bikes will be back February 11th along with the above mentioned vendors and more free bike skills and trails sessions! The February 11th bike skills session will be focused on hills, so mark your calendar!

SNO Memberships: Grooming and track setting ski trails, and equipment maintenance costs money.... (and we dream of better equipment like electric snowmobiles and a ~$17K wider double track setting automated groomer!!!) Please consider helping this non profit become more financially self sustaining by purchasing a membership, helping us reach the target goal of 200 paid memberships. Thanks to the 45 membership purchasers thus far this winter, let's keep the momentum going! Alternatively, one can choose the financial support of a one-time donation, (e-transfer is best!)...aand of course Corporate donations are most definitely welcome!!!

SNO Membership bonus: Free fat bike skills sessions! February 4th 9:30 am is the date and time Duncan Milne from the Cycling Co will be offering a free fat bike skills session at Shaganappi to SNO members, so come on out and ride!

Picture time.....

Lovely fresh snow conditions for clean lined track setting in one pass in most places late Wednesday afternoon...

Track setting continued into the February 2nd evening....

Shared Fat Bike & Snowshoe Trail Bachler grooming early Tuesday morning...

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