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February 3 Update: 14cm new snow, grooming done! Track-setting may be done early Thursday am.

14cm of fresh snow!!! All trails were groomed Wednesday night by two volunteers, but unfortunately there was not time to do any track setting.

Wednesday afternoon three volunteers Skidoo track-packed the new snow on the trails, then two volunteers groomed over the Skidoo track-packing in the evening leaving some nice corduroy! One volunteer may go out early Thursday morning to track-set the trails where the snow is deep enough but no promises, as they were on a Skidoo at Shag for 8+ hours Wednesday already.

Coverage is great on most trails and once the fresh corduroy sets-up, the skiing should be really good Thursday and Friday!

Areas to be aware of:

Westgate corner (SW corner of the golf course) is not recommended, as it's got just a little bit of snow on top of the asphalt cart path. We are not sure if our volunteers have the capacity to move snow onto that section of trail, as it requires a lot of snow to make it last through March. There are two skiable workarounds that were used a lot last winter, we may just let nature win that one.

Condo run: This trail between junctions 7 and 8 still has thin coverage with rocks just below the snow, and is not recommended. Snow farming would be really helpful there.

We may put some scoop shovels at the bottom of the hill, hoping some skiers will help that section of trail out!

Thanks to volunteer Lynn B the super amazing snow angel for dedicating 10+ hours of time over multiple days moving snow back onto the asphalt cart path between Junctions 1 and 2 from the huge snow pile, that trail section is now mostly skiable!!! Beware of one thin area of snow that is juuust covering the asphalt cart path by the 1st tee for the Valley 9. We suspect that will be covered up in the next few days by the snow angel, or other snow angels!

Volunteer time Skidoo track-packing the new snow Wednesday afternoon:

Volunteer 1: 4 hours

Volunteer 2: 4.5 hours

Volunteer 3: 4.5 hours

Volunteer time grooming Wednesday evening:

Volunteer 3: 4 hours

Volunteer 4: 2.75 hours

Volunteer Pete T having fun track-packing the driving range on his "horse"! We even heard a "Yee Hawww!" from him at one point in time!

Volunteer Kate Skidoo track-packing the driving range loop

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