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February 25 Shaganappi Update: Snow..... roller packing....& track setting!!! (Variable snow depth)

Finally, enough snow to use the shallow track setter at Shaganappi! Because variable snow depth exists throughout the trail system at Shaganappi and some trails are on shale or asphalt cart paths, rock skis are recommended, otherwise stay on the grass as much as you can. The entire ski trail system was roller packed the evening of the 24th, and most trails were track set with some exceptions. Skate skiers: the roller doesn't leave an optimal corduroy surface, but that's all there was time for...skate ski superhighways are back, though, rejoice!

**Temporary parking lot access is via Sovereign Crescent.***

Track setting was not done along the Bow Trail corridor from junction 2 to Westgate Corner (SW corner at Shag), along the Expert Loop, nor the north loop from junction 1 down the escarpment and back up the hill to junction 7.

Skiing is not recommended on the Expert Loop, as variable snow depths and uneven snow surfaces exist. There are a lot of unexpected surprises, proceed with extreme caution.

This likely is the last hurrah for the winter in Calgary, as there is yet another Chinook forecasted to last for a week or longer which likely will sublimate a lot of this new snow. Get out there while you can!

This weekend is the Cookie Race down in PLPP, skiing in Calgary might be a great option to consider. March 6th is the Lake Louise Loppet, and CSC organizers mentioned registration is still open!

Total volunteer time: 4.5 hours

Roller packing the evening of February 24, 2022 with downtown Calgary in the background!

Roller packing just after sunset February 24, 2022

The Tidd Tech modified track setter is used at Shaganappi when snow depths are low. There is a shallow depth and regular depth track setter on site.

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