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February 20 Update: fresh grooming this evening, trails are ready for the Sunday skiers!

Once the rest of the trails were groomed Saturday morning, the skiing was awesome all day! It is great to see Shaganappi being used by more people this winter, it's indeed a hidden gem in the middle of Calgary. A nice urban playground!

All trails were groomed on this beautiful moonlit Saturday evening. The Chinook wind is forecasted to be persistent tonight, so expect drifting on the trails and especially in the track setting. It might just be a case of see if you can even find the track setting on some stretches of trail!

Check-out grooming updates on Nordic-Pulse, Confed's on there now too!

The Chinook and the fact the sun is getting stronger as we progress toward March is melting the snow quickly around tree bases, so we are losing snow fast in areas of trail near tree and asphalt heat collectors.

Hopefully some snow angels will pick-up one of the many scoop shovels that are in strategic locations around move snow onto some trail sections with thin coverage.

Sunday is the return of the Adaptive Ski program through Ultimate Wheelchair Sports... let's hope Mr. B with the program won't have another verbal disagreement with that pesky rock that seems to be a ski magnet on the Valley 5 fairway! ;)

Have fun in the Sunday sunshine on the snow!!!

Volunteer hours:

Saturday morning: 2 hours grooming

Saturday evening: 3 hours grooming

Three skiers enjoying the driving range loop at Shaganappi Saturday afternoon.

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