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February 16 grooming update: Powder on top of corduroy!

One volunteer was able to go out Tuesday evening to groom the trails and try out the Nordic-pulse app on their phone for the first time at Shaganappi. Nordic-pulse is awesome!

All skate lanes have been mostly groomed the evening of Feb 16, during at times a heavy snowfall. Skiers will be encountering new corduroy covered with fresh powder. No track setting was done, as the polar vortex has hardened up the existing snow base. (sorry classic skiers!!! We're trying to get the track setting done but with the hard base of snow, it literally takes 8 passes with the knives of the drag groomer to first break-up that hard base of snow and then have that snow broken into small enough particles from the repeat passes over it to be able to set a good quality track)

Should be some nice soft skiing Wednesday depending on the overnight snow. Skier set tracks mostly.

Volunteer hours: 3

Ginzu groomer laying some nice corduroy

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