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Donations and volunteers needed for winter operations at Shaganappi!

Support your community ski area by donating what you can in support of Winter Operations at Shaganappi! Preferred method of donation that allows us to avoid paying credit card transaction charges is via e-transfer to: shagtreasurer AT gmail DOT com. (E-transfers are automatically deposited into the SNO account)

Alternatively, click on the Donate tab on our website for credit card donation details. SNO is not a CRA registered charity at this point in time, but SNO is a registered non-profit society in Alberta.

Operations details:

SNO is continuing to run and operate Shaganappi with the original seed funding that was a corporate donation for winter operations passed on by the Calgary Ski Club (CSC) with the grantors permission after the CSC suspended their direct involvement in managing winter operations at Shaganappi in 2019.

Unlike Foothills Nordic which runs winter operations at Confederation Park golf course in Calgary, SNO and Winter Operations at Shaganappi are 100% volunteer run, and there is no revenue stream beyond donations at this point in time. Foothills Nordic has the revenue stream generated from their lesson programs that helps fund Winter Operations at Confederation Park golf course. SNO also does not have pool of volunteers obligated to volunteer like is the case at Confederation with the parents of kids in the Foothills Nordic Jackrabbits lesson programs who have the choice to either pay more money for the ski lessons for their kids or to save money by volunteering for Foothills Nordic.

Any amount or way people can help is a step in the right direction...donations and/or volunteering. SNO is recruiting volunteers to help with Winter Operations, some lead roles and other completely less involved roles. Check out the volunteer tab on our website for more information and a streamlined onboarding process.

See you out on the snow!!!

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