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December 27th Update

The trail conditions at Shaganappi are changing rapidly over the past couple days. Here's a quick recap of the conditions:

Cross-Country Ski Trails: Marginal conditions. The tracksetting is holding up very well but it is slick and hard to kick. The glide is good but there are no soft landings! Skate skiers seem to be having the most fun on skis.

Fat Bike and Snowshoe Trails: Great conditions with studded tires. With the freeze up last night, the grooming has turned hard and slightly glazed. Expect fast conditions on fat bikes. Snowshoers are barely breaking through the surface.

Thank you to the 8 people that became paid members yesterday! We now have 26 paid members and are that much closer to reaching our goal of 200 paid members to be financially self-sustaining. Thank you for your support and consider becoming a member if you haven't had a chance yet!

In other news, Shaganappi Nordic was recently featured on the CBC Calgary news. Check out the great video clip featuring our volunteers.

Note: Photograph is from a previous day.

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