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+8 Sunday, + temps overnight = no grooming at Shaganappi

Sorry to report, we are opting for snow preservation over grooming at Shaganappi right now so be warned! The skiing may not be enjoyable. The temperature at 8pm Sunday was +8 at the airport. There is a very shallow base of snow at Shaganappi on most trails, so we are choosing to not groom until below 0 temperatures return. The temperature dropped this morning from +3 at 6am to 0 degrees with a windchill of -4 at 7am at the airport, but it was +2 in the community of Shaganappi.

If you venture out to Shaganappi today, do let us know what the skiing was like and what time you were there...whether you were on classic or skate skis, how hard or soft the snow was, whether your skis sunk down into the snow and how deep. The skate lanes likely will be rough from Sunday's ski and foot traffic. Trail reports can be emailed to us at shagnordic AT gmail DOT com.

We hope to groom this evening, depending on temperatures around 5pm. Right now, the hourly temperature forecast for today is for + temperatures until midnight, so grooming is unlikely to be done until early Tuesday morning from 7am onward.

We'll update on Nordic-Pulse as well as this blog when we do venture forth to groom the trails.

In the meantime, Shaganappi likely needs a LOT of snow moved onto the notoriously thin sections of a lot of snow is lost during Chinooks through sublimation with the warm temperatures and constant winds. Feel free to do some snow relocation work if you see a scoop shovel on the side of a trail and are so inclined, that's what they're there for! Help keep Shaganappi open through the first few weeks of March. Next winter we hope to do a lot more snow farming and harvesting of snow to add to the ski trails, we just don't have the volunteer numbers to do so effectively this winter. Since Calgary's snowpack typically is shallow, we need to be creative!

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