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March 10 Update: skiing's still good @ Shag! (on the driving range and Alasdair's Alley)

Altius Ski Club skiers and coaches, playing tag.

This evening Altius Ski Club was out on the snow at Shaganappi in the Driving Range and on Alasdair's Alley skate-skiing, playing tag, and having a lot of fun. The coaches mentioned the skiing is still good, even though the snow surface is somewhat uneven because Shaganappi has not been groomed for over a week. The snow surface is chalky rather than icy, and fairly easy to skate-ski on.

Classic track setting where it hasn't melted away is really icy in the colder temperatures but it's nearly mid-March, so no surprise there!

Alasdair's Alley (from junction 1 to 8) is still good skiing, as is the Driving Range loop.

The skiing this weekend should be fun and soft so if you want a last hurrah, get out to Shaganappi! It is highly likely this will be the last few days of skiing at Shaganappi due to the warm temperatures and rapid wind-induced sublimation of the snow.

***NOTE*** The rest of the trail system is not skiable due to snow loss.

Altius Ski Club skiers racing across the driving range.

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