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January 16 Update: Grooming, gratitude, and Chinook Glaze destruction!!!!

Renovating and grooming of the Chinook Glaze has been done on all trails with the exception of the loop to the Quarry Road Trail entrance. That likely needs more trail debris clearing...and there just wasn't enough time to venture in that direction.

All the trails that were groomed in the evening on the 15th are in great shape, and there may be a Chinook Glaze developing on the trails that were groomed in the morning, those morning grooming trails are indicated by the red lines on the map below.

The Expert loop north of the driving range was renovated and groomed the morning of the 15th as well, there may be a Chinook Glaze (icy layer) on top of the trail by now too.

Quick thank-you to everyone who went to Shaganappi these past few days to clear the wind-blown debris off the trails so we could then groom them, that was a HUGE help!!!

Track setting:

  • All the glazed and icy track setting was broken, but there wasn't enough time to redo the track setting everywhere.

  • Track setting has been completed in both directions from junction 1 to 8 the night of the 15th, and the driving range track setting was done the night before. The driving range was re-groomed the night of the 15th.


1) Westgate corner is bare asphalt for about 10 meters (SW corner of the golf course), and there doesn't look to be any do-able workarounds. As a result, we did not groom in that direction after junction 3.

2) The trail section between junction 1 and junction 2 has a couple bare spots of asphalt and there wasn't enough time to look for workable workarounds, so expect icy conditions.

Volunteer time grooming on the 15th:

The renovating/destruction of the Chinook Glaze (ice layer) on the trails and grooming was done with 3 hours of work in the morning, and another 4 hours in the evening of the 15th, by the same volunteer.

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