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January 15: Any early birds with headlamps??? Early am debris clearing help needed.

We need some early birds with headlamps and their own rakes to clear trail debris from the wind event two days ago. Best time to do this is early this morning on the 15th so the groomer can hit the trails shortly after 7am. Beware it is best to wear some kind of ice cleats on your footwear as the snow surface is icy.

We'll also try to renovate/groom/break and re-set the track setting on Friday and/or Saturday night if the temperatures drop and we have volunteers available to do this, which is unknown at this time.

If anyone is keen to come out to help this morning, use our online map as a guide for the junction references below.

Find the online map here:

We need debris clearing from the following junctions listed by priority:

- 1 to 8

- 9 to 4 to 5 to 6 to 9

- 9 to 2

- the Bow Trail Loop from 2 around to junction #5

Hope to see people out there, remember to stay physically distant from anyone not within your cohort....and thanks in advance!!!

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