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February 28 Update: Track setting mostly in, grooming TBD

Classic skiers rejoice! Track setting was mostly redone Saturday evening over the course of 5 hours.

Dear skate skiers; apologies, there was not enough time to groom the skate lanes Saturday evening. There was only one volunteer available for grooming Saturday evening and track setting was the priority this time.

Track setting: It generally took 3-5 passes of the renovator knives over the same section of trail in order to put in quality track setting that will hopefully last several days (or longer!). Ran out of time, so the Expert Loop and Quarry Road Loop both weren't track set. Bow Trail corridor (Westgate corner to Junction 2) was track set west-to-east, as was Alasdair's Alley (Junction 1 to 7 on the trail map)

Snow relocation project: Thanks to all the volunteers who came out Saturday from 10am to1pm for the snow relocation project! We managed to put a lot of snow on the trail along Bow Trail from the 26th Street corner moving east for about 100 meters. That will hopefully keep that trail skiable for the next few weeks!

Grooming Sunday am: A volunteer will be going out Sunday morning to groom, however the noise bylaw allows us to only start from 9am onward on weekends. That combined with the hourly temperature forecast predicting for the temperature to warm above zero by 9am may quickly shut grooming down.

Have fun on the snow!

Fresh track setting with the automated renovator and track setter Saturday evening.

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