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February 27 snow relocation project 10am-1pm many hands make light work!

Come help preserve the skiing for the next few weeks of March on trails the snow is disappearing too fast from!

Saturday, the plan: 10am to 1:30-ish pm

Moving snow onto the ski trail that runs parallel to Bow trail from 26th Street to Westgate corner. We're hoping to move snow onto thin sections of trail and around tree wells/bare grass beside the ski trail, using:

  • The Defender SSV on tracks (the rear cargo bed)

  • Work toboggan

  • Calving sled and 1 other larger volume toboggan

If you can help, please do come!, and pleeease SignUp for Saturday for the "Snow relocation and harvesting project" We will have Informed Consent and Assumption of Risks agreements (aka the Volunteer Waiver) on site for new volunteers to sign.

**We need people to Sign Up for tracking and Covid due diligence otherwise the coordinator has to SignUp volunteers manually after the fact!!!**

Today 7 of us spent 2-3 hours moving snow from the huge snow pile in the SW corner of the parking lot above the vehicle gate beside the clubhouse to 3 locations:

  • 4 pick-up truck loads went to the bottom section of trail along Condo Alley

  • 1 pick-up truck load went to the trail section between junction 6 and 9

  • 5-6 Defender loads and several calving-sled loads of snow went onto the trail section running under the trees between junction 1 and 2 along the parking lot.

If ya can't come out no worries...have fun on the snow!

Two volunteer snow shovellers and rakers from today!

Lynn B filling the back of the Defender with snow.

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