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February 24th update - Track setting in, xc ski trails ready for the weekend; fat bike trails soft.

Two hardy volunteers were out on snowmobiles on the ski and shared fat bike & snowshoe trails today, track setting and re-grooming respectively, when it was -34 and colder with the windchill!

Ski trails: Track setting is in, with a lot of fresh track setting finished Friday afternoon over the course of four hours. The skate lanes have been roller packed then groomed a couple times since the new snow hit earlier this week, and should be nice with a light dusting of snow on them. The skiing will be slow in the cold, until the temperatures warm up.

Shared fat bike & snowshoe trails (FBSS): Most of the FB/SS trails have been re-groomed today (Friday). Fat biking may be good to go Saturday if the trails set up and harden Friday night. Please bail out and consider going home if your bike tires are making big ruts so volunteers don't have to do a lot of trail repair work! Snowshoeing will be in great shape with all this new snow! Bikers and snowshoers watch for ice under the new snow on both the pink and brown pin flagged loops. Fat bike tires that are a minimum of 3.7" wide are necessary/good etiquette and studded tires are highly recommended due to underlying ice surprises under this new snow.

Memberships and Donations: if you haven't already, please consider becoming a SNO paid member to help this non profit become more financially self sustaining by reaching our goal of 200 paid memberships. It costs approximately $5K to $7K to run winter operations at Shaganappi each year. Thank you to the 52 households who have become paid members in 2023, and the three who have joined since February 16th!

Alternatively, one can choose a one time donation if that works better, and corporate donations will be very happily accepted too, of course!

More pictures from grooming volunteer Finn's track setting this afternoon:

Hmmm... this snowmobile looks so old, maybe it needs a name! Old, yet reliable thanks to great maintenance from volunteer Gry!

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