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February 19 Update: Grooming and track setting is done, we're ready for the weekend!

All trails were groomed Thursday morning, and most were groomed again Friday evening. Track setting is finally done, except where it's not (think thin areas of snow like Condo Alley (Junction 6 to 7) and other notoriously thin areas).

THANKS to Jamie @ Confed for reaching out to give us advice about adding weight to our wee little baby Ginzu...that combined with putting the renovator knives shallower in the snow resulted in 3 to a maximum of 5 passes to break and then redo the track setting, yaaay for not having to do 8 passes!

Skiing should be AWESOME this weekend!

Volunteer hours:

Volunteer #1: 3 hours

Volunteer #2: 6.5 hours

Check the grooming updates on Nordic-Pulse!

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