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December 26th: Shaganappi Winter Trail Conditions Update

Updated: Jan 7

Groomer's Summary:

Date and Time:

  • Cross-country ski trail grooming: December 23rd and 24th

  • Cross-country ski trail tracksetting: None completed, very thin base

  • Fat bike and snowshoe trail grooming: User set through 2-3 cm over hard pack snowmobile track from >1 week ago

Groomer's Ratings (Underlined Apply):

  • Classic Cross-Country Skiing: Poor | Average | Good | Excellent

  • Skate Skiing: Poor | Average | Good | Excellent

  • Fat Biking: Poor | Average | Good | Excellent

  • Snowshoeing: Poor | Average | Good | Excellent

Trail Condition Descriptors (Underlined Apply):

  • Ski Trail Snow Coverage: Very thin, beware of frequent bare spots, particularly in treed and paved areas

  • Fat Bike & Snowshoe Trail Coverage: <60% | 60% | 70% | 80% | 90% | 100%

  • Fat Bike & Snowshoe Trail Rutting/Soft Snow: 0% | 10% | 25% | >50%

  • Snow Type: New Snow | Hard Packed/Cordoroy (Ski Trails) | <3 cm Snow Over Grooming (Fat Biking/Snowshoe Trails) | Packed Powder | Powder | Drifting | Wind Crust | Spring Conditions | Glazed | Wet | Corn Snow | Slush

See an update and a photograph from December 28th about the fat biking trails at the end of this post.

For additional photographs of conditions, go to the SNO Instagram.

Memberships: Thank you to the 62 people that became paid members in the 202-2023 season! We are that much closer to reaching our goal of 200 paid members, which will allow SNO to be financially self-sustaining. Thank you for your support and consider becoming a member if you haven't had a chance yet!

Groomer's Ratings Classification: Groomer's ratings are based on "typical" conditions at Shaganappi. Excellent = Best conditions of the season, perfect coverage, awesome traction and grip, Good = Above-average snow pack, traction, etc., Average = Typical conditions, Poor = Thin snow cover and frequent low snow areas for skiing, difficult traction

Winter Walking: There are many places in the City to walk in the winter and we recommend the world-class multi-use pathway network throughout the city. Please do not walk on Shaganappi trails so that we can maintain great conditions at one of the few places in the City of Calgary where everyone can ski, fat bike, and snowshoe for free. If you want to go on a walk at Shaganappi, consider snowshoeing on the fat bike/snowshoe trails so that great trail conditions can be maintained for everyone.

A December 28th Fat Bike Photo is below. Conditions are still good for fat biking with quite a bit of frozen grassy areas and very little ice. The fat bike trails still remain largely snow covered with no rutting. The snow in the shade is still holding up quite nicely. No muddy sections or obvious trail damage is occurring.

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