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February 14 Update: Come out skiing today, the skiing is awesome!! (Yes even in -35 with windchill)

I'll be out on a snowmobile track setting this afternoon, wave hello! Neoprene face mask $20 at an "outdoor mountain clothing" store (use a search engine to find the store, please buy local and not from a big box store!). Ski googles, warm gloves or mitts, wool socks, (NO COTTON!!!) and the skiing is awesome!

If you're genetically from a warm-weather climate, or a new Canadian, skiing outside today might not be something you'd enjoy or your extremities could tolerate. Other bodies / family heritage origins have adapted to have a higher tolerance for colder climates, and one important point is all about layering your clothes, no cotton, wool is best, with a wind/weather proof barrier on top of everything, and no exposed skin.

I'll be out track setting this afternoon, say hi!

Shaganappi Groomer February 12th before 5 hours on a Snowmobile with another volunteer in -20 weather!

*Safety: Always have a fully charged cell phone inside a pocket that is close to your body to keep the battery warm, especially if you choose to ski solo, just in case you come across someone who needs help or to call home!

*Cold weather tips:

  1. Dress in layers as mentioned, wear wool, ski with a friend/person in your cohort and carry a thermos of hot liquid and extra warm clothing in a back pack.

  2. If you wear corrective lenses, wear contact lenses and goggles, as eye glasses fog up quickly.

Disclaimer: Of course don't come outside if you have underlying health conditions. Each person is responsible for their own decision to go out on a cold day like this or not. On cold days like this as a precaution always ski at a pace where you can have a conversation and you do not feel out of breath.

Have fun!!!

Shaganappi Groomer

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