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March 5, 2022 Shaganappi Update

That new skiff of snow on the ground has made it skiable again at Shaganappi - with the caveat or recommendation that people use rock skis if they have them. Most of the trail system was roller groomed Friday evening by one volunteer with the exception of the lower Advanced Loop and Westgate corner (SW Corner of the golf course along the asphalt cart path)

More exposed sections of trail such as the escarpment facing North are wind scoured, and keep in mind there is very thin snow cover over grass, tree roots, rocks, and both shale and asphalt cart paths.

The driving range, surprisingly, has fairly good wind-deposited coverage, as do a lot of the trail sections running along fairways on the grass. Beware of the shallow snowpack and be very cautious of the rock and asphalt cart paths beneath the snow. When in doubt, poke the ground with a ski pole to see what the surface is underneath.

Keep your fingers crossed for more snow in the next few days, as the typical March snow storm systems seem to be paying Calgary a surprise visit!

Total volunteer hours on the snow: 3

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